About Us

In 2009 with the beginning of the rise of the western region in UAE, Western Arrow Transportation & General Contracting was established with vast aspirations and wide determinations aiming to be the top of providing transport services in onshore/ offshore oil and gas field.

The establishment started with small numbers of heavy equipment and trucks, then developed and flourished with other activities till it became a pioneer in the field of heavy transport industry specializing in dump trucks with all capacities, hydraulic cranes (25-50 tons), excavators, wheel-loaders, boom loaders, water tankers, bobcats, low-bed trailers and light transport vehicles such as mini buses and pickups, in addition to different types of machines and equipment.

Through this, in 2013, Western Arrow grew up and expanded to the limit that aided to start handling other than transportation, and introduced additional fields to cater different industries interrelated with Civil and Electrical works. We came up to the extensive range of civil and electrical services with the needs of commercial, industrial and construction sectors in the field of earthwork and electrical installation. In line with expansion, Western Arrow started to increase its workforce - well trained, with technical abilities, customer oriented and work together as a team to support in achieving the company’s goals and objectives.

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